CROSS Motors news

Gaviota introduces the new CROSS motors generation, affecting 35, 45 and 55 Series, that brings a change in the programming mode in order to facilitate the installation and programming of rolling shutters.


Now, it is also possible setting first the end of downstroke and then the end of upstroke, which increases the options given by the precedente CROSS motor.

These new options are easily identifiable thanks to both the labels added to the packaging and the changes of color of the head of the motors, grey in the 35 and 45 Series and a whhite mark in the 55 Serie.

If you require more information, please contact us and a commercial agent in your area will give you more details.





NUDA, the perfect enclosure

There’s no autumn without NUDA, Gaviota’s Glass Courtain that this season has a brand new name.

When installing NUDA Glass Curtain, we create new spaces completely transparent. Indoor ambiences in full outdoor spaces.

This is a very practical and beautiful solution based on a sliding and rotating glass curtain without vertical profiles that protects your leisure and relax time from adverse weather conditions thanks to its fully retractable glass.

A new way to optimize space for balconies, terraces, gardens and restaurants, integrating the window glass without compromising the aesthetics of the environment, in a fast, simple and easy way to operate it, but totally transparent.

And like all other Gaviota solutions, NUDA means energy savings in air conditioning thanks to its ability to insulate the new space. The same goes for the outside noise that is reduced thanks to the high quality of the profiles and the tempered glass sheets.

If you’re thinking about installing a quality and design enclosure for your home or business, choose certainly NUDA Glass Curtain, a perfect enclosure available in seven different colors.

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