Up Whith Pecco Bagnaia!

GAVIOTA wants to thank his young special driver and the whole Aspar Team for the unforgettable day. It has been a real pleasure to share this extraordinary experience with you.

Thank you very much.


Up Whith Pecco





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New times call for a new slogan

Gaviota Sun Life

One thing’s for sure: 2016 is going to be big for Gaviota.

We’ve been going through significant changes for some time now, with a view to strengthening our commitment with our customers, distributors and consumers from around the world, providing them with the best smart solar protection solutions and setting trends in interior and outdoor design that add a unique, exclusive touch.

These are big dreams, and to achieve our ambitions, each and every one of us at Gaviota are passionate about the process of change. We are all contributing our best know-how, new tools, new training and, most of all, heaps of dedication and enthusiasm.

Using the best ingredients and an authentic recipe that we have been fine-tuning for years, we aim to march steadily onwards rising to the challenge of consolidating Gaviota’s position as a global industry leader. We strive to promote and secure our team’s talent and creativity, and focus constantly on research and innovation.

The time is now and we want you to know it. We want our audience, internal or external, end consumer or distributor, to know that aside from being Gaviota, with the brand image and logo that you know and love, we are also your Sun Life Specialist. Our brand’s new slogan synthesises all our ambitions, effort, training, innovation and concerns to become specialists in your lifestyle, in a way of understanding the experience of life and free time where functionality, design and technology add value to your life project.

Enjoy the sun, enjoy life. Meet your Sun Life Specialist


CROSS Motors news

Gaviota introduces the new CROSS motors generation, affecting 35, 45 and 55 Series, that brings a change in the programming mode in order to facilitate the installation and programming of rolling shutters.


Now, it is also possible setting first the end of downstroke and then the end of upstroke, which increases the options given by the precedente CROSS motor.

These new options are easily identifiable thanks to both the labels added to the packaging and the changes of color of the head of the motors, grey in the 35 and 45 Series and a whhite mark in the 55 Serie.

If you require more information, please contact us and a commercial agent in your area will give you more details.




Screen Product Range Enlargement : more comfort for your indoor

You already know our exterior Screen solutions UNIVERSAL y NIMBUS, Gaviota’s family members that make you enjoy a complete lightness at home and enable an optimal control of indoor temperature without losing privacy.

Gaviota is now closer to your needs with the brand new 130 mm ZIP drawer.

Portada Comunicado Universal Zip 130

The new 130 ZIP system reaches up to  5 m width and 5 m height. It is remarkable its effectiveness thanks to zippers on guidelines that prevent fabric removal and make it really practical, thus, allows greater protection and durability.

Bring yourself to install these state-of-the-art and modern design screen systems. Here you have additional information about 130mm ZIP. Please contact us to study all the possibilities.


VERTIKO the perfect complement

It is time for Gaviota’s news.  First it was the Telescopic Pole, next it came MAXIMUS and NUDA  updates and finally here it is VERTIKO.


VERTIKO is a charge profile with an adjustable curtain easy to install that can reach up to 1.80 m. high and 5 m. line. This solution is the ideal complement to our A1 and M1 for both the additional protection against horizontal sunlight and the greater privacy it provides to brand created spaces.

VERTIKO is the new smart solution that Gaviota’s family creates thinking on your needs or your customers ones. If you require more information, please contact us and a commercial agent in your area will give you more details.


For your Outdoor only

The cold winter is only for your Outdoor, so this year Gaviota wants you to take early measures to prepare your home for a warm and comfortable winter.

We start with blinds, the perfect ally in thermal insulation, both cold and heat. In addition to periodic checks to make sure the shutter drawer is completely sealed, -in this regard a PVC drawer provides more insulation than traditional wood one-, it is important to consider that the hollow of the shutter belt can also be a weak thermal point so we always recommend installing an engine that also extends the life of the blind thanks to a more uniform and smooth operation.


Moreover, if the windows are sliding, -always less insulating than the hinged ones the felt wheaterstripping incorpored to get a snug fit must be reviewed. Over time these mats deteriorate and need to be replaced.

Do not hesitate to replace your curtains with thicker ones. They are excellent thermal insulators, in fact castles have always been equipped with thick carpets and curtains.

Windows and shutters are the best known points but do not forget doors, floors and ceilings of the house.

  • The doors should be closed in order to heat the rooms faster and door sweeps installed as weatherstripping to improve closure.
  • It is well known that wood floors and floating platforms add warmth and a natural touch. However you can choose to incorporate other insulating mineral fibers or, quite simply, traditional carpets.
  • The high ceilings are beautiful and give a major relief to housing but make the action of stoves and radiators more difficult so the consumption rise sharply. Perhaps it is time to install suspended ceilings and insulation elements.
  • Regarding the radiators, avoid putting furniture just in front, better above but not directly. The shelves over radiators are very useful if the ceilings are high and the heat sources under windows, since they help to channel the heat. Moreover, a simple trick: If the radiator is on the wall and a sheet of foil is placed behind it, the heat will reflect back into the room and will not leak through the wall.

In addition to thermal insulation, these tips also preserve your home from noise, so if you want a nice warm winter home, you know…


MAXIMUS: Large Dimensions, Great Performance

We start november talking about one of our solutions that we are specially proud of: MAXIMUS large dimensions box.

MAXIMUS brings together every point of Gaviota‘s philosophy : effort, research and customer engagement in alliance with the latest technology

We know our customers needs and how to help them in their businesses, so we provide them design, value and inspiration through the ideal sunscreen solution for covering large open spaces: MAXIMUS box.

This large dimensions box perfectly integrates into new constructions and make possible to cover areas of up to 28m2 with only two arms that transmit a constant tension adequate to its dimensions. Moreover, its design allows to connect different units, facilitating the manageability and converting it into one single structure, reaching the capacity of covering up to 21 metres width and 4 metres lenght.

We invite you to know more about MAXIMUS solution. Contact us and a commercial agent in your area will expand details.