Gaviota, vacaciones con la satisfacción del trabajo bien hecho.

Vacaciones GaviotaEn Gaviota comenzamos hoy y hasta el 5 de septiembre nuestras vacaciones. Por ello, nuestras instalaciones de SAX permanecerán cerradas por descanso de todo nuestro equipo de trabajo. Es un buen momento para realizar una valoración de los logros conseguidos durante estos nueve meses en los que hemos hecho posible un mayor crecimiento de la empresa gracias a todas las personas que integran Gaviota y que desde cada una de sus posiciones forma parte de un engranaje perfecto.

Somos una empresa internacional, que vende al mundo sistemas de protección solar compitiendo con las grandes marcas. Hemos sido capaces de ocupar nuestro espacio en el mercado con productos innovadores y de calidad que nos sitúan a la vanguardia. Hemos sido capaces de situar de forma destacada  nuestra marca en el mercado. Nuestra vocación es seguir creciendo nacional e internacionalmente y nuestro objetivo es ser líderes en el mercado ofreciendo, no solo productos de calidad, sino una política de atención a distribuidores y clientes basada en la excelencia. Una excelencia que se aprecia en todo lo que hacemos y que es posible gracias a todos los hombres y mujeres que forman Gaviota y comparten un objetivo común.

Así, también es importante reconocer la labor de nuestros distribuidores e instaladores que desde cada rincón de España y el resto de países del mundo, hacen llegar a los consumidores nuestros productos. Ellos también son una parte importante de nuestro equipo y como tal queremos reconocerlo y expresarles nuestro agradecimiento.

Por todo ello, y con la satisfacción del trabajo bien hecho, ha llegado el momento para todas las personas que integran la empresa de tomarse un descanso y volver el próximo 5 de septiembre con más pasión, más ganas y toda la motivación necesaria para seguir superándonos.

Desde Gaviota, Sun Life Specialist, os deseamos a todos un feliz verano!


Hasta pronto!


Gaviota, compromiso sin límites con el futuro

El crecimiento de Gaviota se basa en la expansión internacional. Actualmente la empresa distribuye sus productos en más de 65 países de todo el mundo. Cuenta con 4 fábricas estratégicamente situadas y equipadas con la tecnología más avanzada, y sucursales en Italia, Rumanía, Portugal, Líbano, Marruecos, México, República Dominicana, Colombia, Uruguay y Brasil. En realidad, el 60 % de la facturación del grupo proviene de los mercados internacionales.

Business people collage background banner. Networking concept.

El valor fundamental y la clave del trabajo de Gaviota reside en sus empleados: aproximadamente 400 profesionales unidos por un trabajo, investigación y compromiso en común de cara a nuestros clientes. Este compromiso se refuerza con el talento, la profesionalidad y creatividad que fomenta la empresa.
Gaviota dispone de todas las prestaciones en cuestión de productos y asistencia industrial y comercial que solo es capaz de ofrecer a sus clientes una estructura empresarial grande, acompañadas siempre por su experiencia profesional.


Los sistemas de sombraje solar de Gaviota se fabrican sobre soluciones innovadoras, fiables y duraderas, que diseñan un equipo cualificado al que les une el trabajo y el compromiso por satisfacer las necesidades del cliente; y siempre con el deseo de destacar y seguir evolucionando en la búsqueda de valor añadido que responde a estos objetivos. La empresa despliega las estrategias necesarias para atender al cliente de una manera muy profesional, al mismo tiempo que cautivadora. Las iniciativas comerciales y de marketing en todo el mundo componen los planes de expansión de la empresa.



El espíritu de Gaviota se traslada a su gama de productos. Los productos de referencia de la marca conviven en armonía con los diseños nuevos, lo que permite disponer de una oferta sofisticada y duradera inspirada en varios motivos.

Esta amplia gama de productos se compone de soluciones con grandes prestaciones que se adaptan a todo tipo de construcciones, siempre combinadas con la belleza y la calidad de la mejor protección solar.


For your Outdoor only

The cold winter is only for your Outdoor, so this year Gaviota wants you to take early measures to prepare your home for a warm and comfortable winter.

We start with blinds, the perfect ally in thermal insulation, both cold and heat. In addition to periodic checks to make sure the shutter drawer is completely sealed, -in this regard a PVC drawer provides more insulation than traditional wood one-, it is important to consider that the hollow of the shutter belt can also be a weak thermal point so we always recommend installing an engine that also extends the life of the blind thanks to a more uniform and smooth operation.


Moreover, if the windows are sliding, -always less insulating than the hinged ones the felt wheaterstripping incorpored to get a snug fit must be reviewed. Over time these mats deteriorate and need to be replaced.

Do not hesitate to replace your curtains with thicker ones. They are excellent thermal insulators, in fact castles have always been equipped with thick carpets and curtains.

Windows and shutters are the best known points but do not forget doors, floors and ceilings of the house.

  • The doors should be closed in order to heat the rooms faster and door sweeps installed as weatherstripping to improve closure.
  • It is well known that wood floors and floating platforms add warmth and a natural touch. However you can choose to incorporate other insulating mineral fibers or, quite simply, traditional carpets.
  • The high ceilings are beautiful and give a major relief to housing but make the action of stoves and radiators more difficult so the consumption rise sharply. Perhaps it is time to install suspended ceilings and insulation elements.
  • Regarding the radiators, avoid putting furniture just in front, better above but not directly. The shelves over radiators are very useful if the ceilings are high and the heat sources under windows, since they help to channel the heat. Moreover, a simple trick: If the radiator is on the wall and a sheet of foil is placed behind it, the heat will reflect back into the room and will not leak through the wall.

In addition to thermal insulation, these tips also preserve your home from noise, so if you want a nice warm winter home, you know…


NUDA, the perfect enclosure

There’s no autumn without NUDA, Gaviota’s Glass Courtain that this season has a brand new name.

When installing NUDA Glass Curtain, we create new spaces completely transparent. Indoor ambiences in full outdoor spaces.

This is a very practical and beautiful solution based on a sliding and rotating glass curtain without vertical profiles that protects your leisure and relax time from adverse weather conditions thanks to its fully retractable glass.

A new way to optimize space for balconies, terraces, gardens and restaurants, integrating the window glass without compromising the aesthetics of the environment, in a fast, simple and easy way to operate it, but totally transparent.

And like all other Gaviota solutions, NUDA means energy savings in air conditioning thanks to its ability to insulate the new space. The same goes for the outside noise that is reduced thanks to the high quality of the profiles and the tempered glass sheets.

If you’re thinking about installing a quality and design enclosure for your home or business, choose certainly NUDA Glass Curtain, a perfect enclosure available in seven different colors.

More information about NUDA Glass Curtain

How to keep the heat away after holidays

The holidays are nearly gone but not the summer. Although it seems that the hottest days have passed, in some places we must not drop our guard  and still keep our houses cool to get a night’s sleep environment that help us to start the new season.

Solar protection systems are essential to avoid the sun and heat coming in our space. Awnings, rolling shutters and screens help the sun and the heat do not directly affect the interior of the housing. Keep awnings opened and blinds drawn during the hours of greatest exposure in order to get a cool and pleasant temperature that invites to come back home after the first working days.

In addition to these solar protection solutions that you can see full detailed in our website, this time we offer you other simple gestures that will help create an “oasis” in your home.

  • Keep your house completely closed during hottest hours. Air it out at beginning and end of the day when the heat is not oppresive.
  • Avoid direct lights because lighting warms. Uses indirect lights and dimmable spot lights.
  • If you have air conditioner you must know that turn it on and turn it off often does not mean saving money, quite the contrary: the thermostat has to work harder to retrieve temperature and is forced. The ideal is to get around the 25 º C temperature and external temperature difference should not exceed 5 ° C lower, so it is preferable to keep the air conditioning on “high” temperature for longer. And do not forget to clean the filters regularly.
  • Reduce the use of household appliances to the minimum. Even the smallest one radiates heat. Avoid cooking with the oven.
  • Keep dressing your home up for summer. Use light cotton textiles to cover sofas and beds and thin curtains especially for windows facing east and west.

Can you think of other ideas? Tell them to us. Happy return to normal!



Furnishing your outdoor

In our previous post we suggested to move your living room outdoor. It depends on the type of house you live in.

Perhaps it is as easy as opening the sliding windows and move the furniture to the terrace or porch, because the fact is that the furniture that was once considered only for exterior has taken hold in the current interior decoration. In that case, they are made of natural materials mainly teak, rattan and wicker. In this occasion, we want to talk you about one of them: Rattan.

Rattan is a natural material derived from palms grown mainly in Indonesia, very similar to bamboo, but with solid stems that need support to grow vertically. It is the most common material required in the production of outdoor furniture either for its natural appearance or its strength and durability to weathering, and so much so that it has resulted in a very popular synthetic variant for outdoor business environments and community areas in residential facilities.

Talking about natural rattan, the thickest stems are used for the structural part of the furniture and the thinest ones or the strips resulting of the thicker stems go to the outer part, the same as wicker.  Rattan stems are very long and the fact of not presenting joints or knots is a real advantage for weaving. It supports dyes and lakes so that you can create very original pieces and when combined with wicker the advantages of both materials exploit: the elasticity of wicker and strength of rattan.

The best places to locate this type of furniture are porches and, of course, our solar protection solutions because, although it is a very resistant material, it is still natural, and it is better to avoid exposure to strong insolations or severe temperature changes and protect them from the rain (despite the fact of being very resistant to moisture). To keep them in good condition, just consider this and clean them regularly with clean water and a few drops of detergent, applied with a soft cloth. If you want to paint them after clening, simply add a little ammonia to the cleaning solution and, when completely dry, proceed to paint.

Do you dare to introduce Rattan in your Outdoor?

Outdoor lounges

We go on saying it’s time to enjoy outdoor. Now in Gaviota Simbac we want to tell you how, the easiest and most convenient way to move the social rooms in your home outdoor, to your garden or terrace, and turn them into summer living rooms.

celosia You can start by eliminating barriers between inside and outside, with blinds and screens, but when the good weather is definitely installed on your geographic location you must be sure about what area is the ideal place to host your summer living room: a terrace with wonderful views, a nice corner of your garden, an area next to the pool Do not exclude any place for being too sunny, you know that the sun protection systems, in particular those of Gaviota Simbac, provide you the right shade without subtracting elegance whatever your need.

The solar protection solution you choose will vary according to your needs, the space and the intended use you make of them. We propose a tour of all our solutions for residential and we are sure you will find yours, a solution in design made with the most resistant and durable materials, designed for outdoor and requiring little maintenance.

Those same properties are desirable for the furniture and accessories that shape your summer setting. In this sense, comfortable and functional designs that create different environments according to the space available are imposed.

You have the right place, the suitable smart solar protection installation and the appropriate furniture and accessories. The only thing missing is to decide if you want a reading corner, a social meeting site, a summer dining room, a rest and relaxation space or All together!